Responsible Wool Standard

The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) is in place to recognise the welfare of sheep and the environment they graze in.

Voluntarily run by the Textile Exchange, the RWS focuses on the holistic practice and ethical standards upheld by farmers.

To gain accreditation, farms must provide evidence of an ethical practice approach; that their farm is managed in accordance with the highest standards of animal welfare, land management and social welfare.

Quality Wool not only recognise the standard – we facilitate accreditation through our RWS Farm Group. Being a fully independent, family-owned business, Quality Wool is one of few that is eligible to promote the RWS. Our dedicated RWS Manager can help provide insight and education around the benefits that come with an RWS certification. 

Responsibly sourced wool continues to grow in importance to consumers, and can be a major point of difference for wool growers around the country. Our clients’ have had great success selling RWS certified wool at auction, receiving a premium for their responsibly produced wool.

For enquiries about the Farm Group or obtaining accreditation, please contact RWS Manager Genevieve Dyson or your local Quality Wool representative.