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Our Story

Mark Dyson, Managing Director

Launching a wool brokering business the week before the collapse of the Reserve Price Scheme could have been seen as a bold decision.

But almost three decades after opening its doors in the backblocks of Port Adelaide’s iconic wool store precinct, Mark Dyson has since developed Quality Wool to become Australia’s largest family wool broker.

Established in 1991, Quality Wool’s footprint now spreads from South Australia up the eastern seaboard to Queensland, as well as across to Western Australia.

Today Mark, together with his loyal long‑term staff, continues to build the family legacy, further strengthening Quality’s ties with global industry leaders while retaining its focus on the personalised and relationship‑based service that has been the company’s trademark.

In addition to its head office and receival centre in Adelaide, Quality Wool has ten regional sites under full company ownership across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales equipped with AWTA‑accredited testing facilities, offering stability and peace of mind to growers.

As a company fully committed to the highest standards in animal welfare and best practices in land management and sustainability, Quality Wool has joined leading brands and organisations in adopting the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), ensuring that wool from certified farms is properly identified and tracked through the processing stages.

And with wool fast returning to its lofty status as one of the world’s natural wonder fibres, Quality Wool remains as passionate as ever about the unique qualities of the product and embracing exciting innovation in the textile industry.

It is this drive, along with a simple focus to support growers in an open and transparent manner in‑line with the family values the company was built on, that has underpinned Quality Wool’s continued growth since 1991.

Partnering with Quality Wool means...

A personal service
We’re a company built on relationships – you're never just a number or account to us, whether you’ve got one bale or 100.

Local people
Our people are passionate about their local rural areas and we support the grassroots with various sponsorships, programs and initiatives, putting money back into your local community.

We’re partners
Growers are the lifeblood of Quality Wool and we take pride in honesty, integrity, teamwork and a true client focus. That’s why we’ll go the extra mile to get you the best result for your wool clip.

Around when you need us
Life on the farm can be tough when seasonal and economic challenges arise. But through the peaks and the troughs, we’ll be there in your corner to support you.

We’re always looking to innovate and do things better, smarter and more efficiently – and to ensure the benefits flow through to you.

You’re never locked into one option with us – let our team work with you on a marketing strategy that explores all avenues to help maximise the potential of your wool clip.

Got a question? Ask us!
We’re always happy to hear from you and will respond openly, honestly and respectfully.

Our Services


At Quality Wool, we believe in transparency – that's why we auction your wool for a low, flat rate per bale with no hidden costs or charges.

Your clip is auctioned in Melbourne by our passionate team of professionals who’ve had their hands on your wool from the moment it enters our store – you grow wool, we know wool.

Our own show floor

When you join the Q, you do so with the assurance that our fingerprints are on your wool every step of the way.

In addition to our privately‑owned core lines, we also own our own 27,000m2 wool store and show floor in Geelong, meaning costs and service charges are minimised for you the grower.

Private buying

No matter the size of your clip, we can offer growers the piece of mind of knowing the exact value of your wool before it leaves your farm.

Our team can offer you a firm price based on results from on‑farm core testing or our own AWTA‑accredited facilities.

Cash payment

In addition to private buying via our numerous stores, you can receive immediate pricing and cash payment for your wool.

On‑farm wool pick‑up / shed cleanout

With our own fleet of trucks offering on‑farm clip collection, we can offer freight savings and the best possible on‑farm pricing to growers.

Our local Quality Wool representative can also visit your property and offer a thorough shed cleanout before or after shearing (which can also incorporate a wool pick‑up).

Wool Wagon

We know that growers want to get their wool off‑farm quickly, whether it be following a private sale or to prepare for auction.

That’s why we added the Quality Wool Wagon to our fleet, to assist you with prompt on‑farm clip collection and ensure you get the best possible price for your wool.

Our super large Wool Wagon currently only operates in SA, but we are looking to extend this service into Victoria and NSW (in addition to our standard truck pick‑ups).

Forward contracts

Taking advantage of our price risk management options can make good sense, even if just for a portion of your wool clip

You can gain an understanding and access a forward price for your wool today, as well as for future wool clips, protecting you against market falls and providing the opportunity to participate in any upside

Our risk management service helps provide future cash flow certainty, allowing you to better plan your farming operations.

Wooltrade (online selling)

Assisted by our experienced wool representatives, once tested we can offer your clip to the world via the online Wooltrade offer board.

Wooltrade complements the auction system and gives your wool the best chance of selling at the highest possible price.


Priding ourselves on strong relationships throughout the global supply chain forged over more than 35 years, we’ll market your clip to the world’s leading mills and processors.

These strong links will add value to your clip and we’ll be by your side from preparing your wool on‑farm through to the mill.

Absolute security for your money

With Quality Wool, you are always assured of receiving full payment for your wool – and on time.

Our exclusive ‘Growers Payment Trust’ provides you with absolute security. All payments received for your clip are deposited directly into the Trust account, ensuring full payment of your wool proceeds.

In the Community
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Take a look at what some of
our clients say about us...

Matthew Dittrich

Truro, SA

Quality is a good business and I prefer dealing with a smaller, family owned business where I get treated with more respect ‑ and that goes a long way in the rural area.

Cameron Goodes

Jamestown, SA

Whether it's a few bales or our main shearing, it doesn't matter what size. They put in the same effort.

Simon our Quality rep is very good with this and it's something that helps a lot of growers and we notice.

He looks at what's best for us, and is always happy to come out and keep an eye on what's happening with your wool so he understands it.

David Pratton

Orange, NSW

It’s terrific the way our rep Anthony rings throughout the year and reliably drops in before and during our shearing to discuss clip preparation (and Australian cricket dramas) and look over the lines, which helps us maximise our wool returns. He is very good at that.

I like the way they organise our transport. Loading the main shearing wool is quick and efficient with Dave Schulz on the Quality Wool forklift.

They are great staff at Orange. They will duck out to pick up small lots after crutching and lamb shearing. I like the convenience of being able to sell odd lots at Orange.

Dave Hickey

Tooleybuc, NSW

Doing business with Quality Wool is pretty straight‑forward and easy to understand.

We prefer the auction system – it’s simple and the selling costs are straight‑forward.

Quality Wool runs a good service, with our local rep Brett coming to pick wool up on‑farm. He has done this several times and that is great service.

We also sell livestock with the company through the saleyards and using AuctionsPlus, which has been good because our stock haven’t left the property.

Quality Wool is well‑grounded and its management has the finger on the pulse.